Monday, June 22, 2009


It's been almost two weeks since I sat for the metrics comp. Almost 3 since the micro comp. Any hint of results? Nada.

I don't know who's sitting on our grading--be it one of the Micro profs or one of the Metrics profs--but I wish they would get off their asses and finish the grading. This is quite unfair. Frankly it is cutting into the time we have for preparation for the second round of comps. We had almost two months. Now we'll be lucky if we get a month.

I am angry.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

After the fall...

Well comps are over. In fact, it has almost been a week since I sat for Econometrics. Thursday and Friday were wet and miserable days in Syracuse. A had a barbecue. It was somewhat awkward because I showed up before knowing whether the other econ people were going to be there. Oh well, I coped.

I just don't know if I've passed micro or metrics or both or neither. I've just been sitting around, unable to settle to anything or make any concrete plans for the summer without knowing my fate. I almost feel like starting work again hang everything else. I periodically have nightmares of Laura contacting me to tell me that I've failed both micro and metrics. Gods, I would hate that. Although it would not be unexpected.

Okay -- I'm going to go soak my head in cool water now.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

My new (temporary) roommate is a bitch

This is why I didn't want R to sublet/have anyone else stay in while she's interning in DC! This summer is too important for me. So anyway, this chick is crashing at my place, totally imposing on R, she's not paying rent or anything, and she has the temerity to come over and start a confrontation with ME about trash! After SHE fills up the bag with about 10 pounds of corn. A fact which I discovered while I was carrying it out to the dumpster! Okay, so I'm the clean one in the kitchen. I always put things in the dishwasher. I wipe the stove down after using it. Her, not so much. Has she cleaned the toilet bowl yet? No. Has she wiped the counter? No. She asks me if I want to help her clean the bathroom today -- I say NO. I have my f***ing metrics qualifying exam in 2 days and she wants me to clean the bathroom? When has she ever taken out the trash on her own? I do it every few days. And, now I've wasted 1 and a half hours fuming about her. And haven't regained my mental equilibrium yet. This is impossible.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Micro comp was today

I think I did well enough to pass. Perhaps. I'm not entirely certain however.

Anyway, I need to focus on getting through metrics now. I have one week in which to master the subject. One thing is for sure -- with more practice this stuff becomes infinitely easier. If I have to take the summer to prepare for it I will master it.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I need to study

I think game theory might be a problem. JK was awfully grumpy yesterday. And I have realized that I do not always read the questions completely or interpret them correctly.



Monday, June 01, 2009

I think I'm prepared

Or as prepared as I can be at this point. There's really no point in busting my head with the rest of this now.

I really hope it goes okay. I really hope BB is nice. And still remembers that he likes me. I love SG. She was the nicest of them. I even like JK. He was grumpy and angry but I think thats because he cares that I'm being sloppy and wishes that I wouldn't. I'll do my best not to be. I really hope so.

Best of luck to me.